Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do your products meet Australian standards?

    Yes – we only use products that meet Australian standards
  • How long is the wait time for installation?

    On average the wait time is approximately 2 weeks.  However in peak periods (eg during the lead up to Christmas) wait times for installation can be longer due to high demand.  The installation timeframes can be discussed with you at the time of measuring up for your quote and will also depend on any custom glass panels you might require.
  • What surfaces can glass pool fencing be attached to?

    Glass can be attached to timber decks, core drilled into pavers or concrete or side fixed to concrete or timber.  If you have another surface you require your fence to be attached to, please contact our friendly team to discuss
  • What hinges do you use for the gate?

    We use Polaris soft close hinges. You will find a link on our website to more information regarding this product.
  • What is the thickness of the glass panels?

    All of our glass panels are 12mm thick.  This includes the gate panel.  By using the strength of the Polaris soft close hinge we do not have to reduce the thickness of the glass on the gate to 8 or 10mm
  • What type of spigots do you use?

    We use 2205 duplex grade spigots.  These can be mirror polished or satin finish, square or round, core drilled or deck mounted. We can also side fix glass with stand-off pins.
  • What is the thickness of the glass gate?

    12mm – to be consistent with all of the glass panels.  This keeps the gate and fence panels in line.
  • Do you provide a compliance certificate?

    yes – compliance certificates are available on request.
  • What is your warranty?

    We provide 12 months warranty on the installation.  Polaris hinge offer a 3 year warranty.
  • Is glass pool fencing safe?

    Glass fencing is extremely tough and is difficult to climb, vastly improving pool security. Unlike aluminium fence panels, glass panels don’t have “gaps” between palings so there is nothing for little legs and arms to scale.

    However, please ensure you never prop the gate open, and check it regularly to ensure the self-latching and self-closing mechanisms are working smoothly.

    Don’t leave items nearby such as furniture and pot plants that a child can use to climb over the fence.

    Apart from a safe pool fence, constant, active adult supervision is still required when children are around the pool

  • Will the glass shatter?

    Our glass is all toughened safety glass, which is very strong and impact resistant. Our glass is certified to meet Australian Standards AS/NZS 2208:1996 grade A.

    If broken, tempered glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces, as opposed to ordinary glass which will shatter into large sharp fragments.

  • How much maintenance is required?

    Glass is extremely low maintenance. Washing with dishwashing detergent and hosing down with fresh water is the best way to keep your glass clean.  Avoid using harsh chemicals as this will leave residue.  Quickly hosing your glass down after a swim reduces build-up of salt and chlorine on your glass and minimises water marks.

    For more handy tips – have a chat to our friendly team.

  • Do installers need to be qualified?

    Yes, anyone who installs glass should be a qualified glazier.  This applies to glass pool fencing, glass balustrades, windows, shower screens etc.

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